Ushio Ushio

Established in 1964, USHIO, Inc., is an expanding producer of high-quality light sources, units and systems. The company currently has production facilities in Japan, North America, Europe and Asia, as it aims to become the world’s leader in cutting-edge lighting technology. As demands in the lighting industry change, USHIO adapts to meet current and future needs. USHIO now offers a diverse lineup of light products to please both manufacturers and consumers.

The company’s main focus is discharge and halogen lamp technology. USHIO prides itself on being the perfect size to both fulfill specific Original Equipment Manufacturer requests as well as possess the design and production expertise necessary to provide a broad line of specialty lamps. USHIO continues to expand its collection of highly-specialized companies further into more countries and regions.

USHIO produces general lights to be well-suited for residential and commercial settings. The company also offers a broad selection of specialty lighting, with lamps for aquariums, medical purposes, graphic arts and more. Among its diverse offering, one line that stands out is USHIO’s LED lights. With advanced LED technology and unique bulb designs, these energy-saving lights are some of the best in the market. LED linear lamps, PAR lights, downlights and globe lights are just some of the designs available.

Other general lighting options include metal halide, fluorescent and halogen. All products are produced to the highest standards in the industry. USHIO offers a Lighting Specialist course in which its customer service representatives, salespeople and sales support staff learn everything they need to deliver the best possible service. This course was developed by the National Association of Lighting Distributors (NAILD) to better serve its members. USHIO provides the materials for this course in the company’s Learning Center and encourages individuals to learn and explore.