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29 - 36W CFL | 120 - 130W Equal CFL Lamps


29 to 36 Watt CFL - 130W Equal Compact Fluorescents

When you're on a budget, 130-watt equal CFL bulbs are the smart choice for a variety of lighting projects. These bulbs produce the same light output as incandescent 130-watt bulbs, but they use even less energy. This means that over time, you're actually saving money - no matter what the difference is in initial cost. Choose from a wide range of color temperatures to find the ideal bulb for the job. Warm white colors work well in settings where you want to create a pleasing atmosphere, such as the home or in commercial spaces. Cool white has a very bright appearance and is best used in working environments, such as factories or workshops. You also have a choice among various bulb shapes, life hours and brands. Start browsing your options today and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our in-house staff at today!