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55 - 68W CFL | 250 - 300W Equal CFL Lamps


300W Equal Compact Fluorescents

If you're in need of a new 300-watt equal CFL bulb, you've come to the right place. offers high-quality products for affordable prices, allowing you to enjoy the best without going over budget. Additionally, these energy-saving bulbs will also save you money, as they use a lot less energy to produce the same light output as incandescent alternatives. Choose from warm white, cool white, full spectrum and full-spectrum daylight colors. Full-spectrum lighting is ideal when you want to recreate natural sunlight in areas that are otherwise dark. For working spaces, use cool white to achieve the level of brightness needed to complete tasks. Warm white bulbs are pleasing to the eye and work well in both residential and commercial spaces. Learn more by browsing our products today!