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4-Inch Ultra Thin LED Downlights

IC rated for direct contact with insulation, ultra-thin LED downlights do not require a housing and can be used as part of new construction, remodeling, or retrofit applications. These downlights install with a few easy steps. Simply cut the hole, connect the wires, and use the spring clips to securely pop the light into place. Ultra-thin LED downlights have no bulbs to replace and use less energy than incandescents. For areas needing accurate color rendering, look for LED downlights with a high color rendering index (CRI) of 90 or higher. Adjust the light output as needed when you pair dimmable LED ultra-thin downlights with compatible dimmers. For additional energy savings, look for fixtures that are Energy Star certified.

Choosing 4-Inch Ultra Thin LED Downlights

Pick the right 4-inch LED ultra-thin downlights for your rooms by looking at the color temperature and safety ratings. Measured in Kelvin, the color temperate is the color of the light produced by the fixture. For a warm light similar to incandescents, look for ultra-thin LED downlights with a 2700 Kelvin light. Use a 3000 Kelvin light to create a welcoming feel in lobbies, living rooms, and family rooms. 4000 Kelvin light helps reduce eye strain, making it a popular choice for offices and classrooms. 5000 Kelvin light helps improve visibility and is better suited for areas where attention to detail is important.

Safety ratings let you know what conditions the LED downlight will operate in. Choose an LED ultra-thin downlight that is damp location rated for kitchens, bathrooms, and other moisture rich locations. For areas where water may come in direct contact with the fixture, look for downlights that are wet location rated. These fixtures can be used over showers, under roof eves, or as part of porch lighting.

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