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Rayon Covered Antique Wire

Rayon Covered Antique Wire

Use your vintage lamps once more with rayon wires from These cloth-covered wires are designed to mimic the appearance of old silk-wrapped cords used on lamps in the 1930s. What makes these wires even better, however, is that they are safer than the 1930s alternatives. Choose from various colors that will complement your lamp's antique design. When searching for rayon-covered wire, keep in mind that these products should only be used in low-temperature and low-wattage applications. Pair any of these options with a white or brown antique electrical plug. If you have any questions concerning when you can use rayon wire, contact our expert in-house staff for answers.

Twisted Cord

Our rayon-covered twisted cords give lamps and fixtures a classic, vintage look while being much safer than traditional silk wrapped wires. Available in varying shades of brown, white, bronze, gold, and black.

Parallel Cord

Our rayon-covered parallel cords are the safe and modern version of the old silk-wrapped cords found on lamps in the 1930s. We offer them in brown, bronze, gold, and black.

Single Wire

Our rayon-covered single wire cords give fixtures with exposed wiring a more finished look. We have yellow wire in 8 ft., 10 ft., 12 ft., and 100 ft. lengths.