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Pink Christmas Lights

Pink Christmas Lights

Whether you are accenting your holiday display or decorating for a princess-themed birthday party, these versatile lights add a bright splash of color any time of year. Pink Christmas lights are available in incandescent and LED versions. Incandescent Christmas lights deliver the warm glow that you grew up with and are considered the classic Christmas lights. These lights have a low upfront cost and are dimmable. LED Christmas lights replicate the look of incandescents but use less energy, helping to keep your energy costs down. These lights do have a higher upfront cost, however they last longer and are cool to the touch.

Pink LED Mini String Lights

Decorate for your next party or event with pink LED mini string lights. If you want light that can be seen from all directions, look for strings with wide angle bulbs. For a softer light, choose strings with faceted traditional shaped bulbs that have a prismatic pattern cut into the cap. These lights are a single molded piece to keep water from entering the sockets. This means that the bulbs cannot be replaced, however if a bulb goes out, you can repair around it using LED light testers and "PODS". Even if a light goes out, the rest of the string will remain lit.

Pink Incandescent Mini String Lights

For a classic look and feel, use pink incandescent mini string lights. Available with white and green wire options, these lights can be used to add accent lighting to weddings, birthdays, events, and more. Unlike the LED mini strings, the incandescent bulbs are replaceable. If one lamp fails, the string will continue to light as long as the failed lamp is left in the socket. Just replace the failed lamps as soon as possible. These strings can also be made to twinkle by inserting the additional included bulb into the last socket.

Pink C7 and C9 Incandescent Light Bulbs

Create custom light strings with these pink C7 and C9 incandescent light bulbs. Pink incandescent C7 bulbs fit candelabra (E12) sockets and are the same size as a night light. These lights can be run across patios for fun party lighting or wrapped around trees and garland. Pink incandescent C9 bulbs are larger and fit intermediate (E17) sockets. These bulbs are ideal for lining roofs and fences since they can be seen from a distance. Bulbs are double dipped to help resist fading and are available in clear and frosted versions.

Pink C7 and C9 LED Light Bulbs

Upgrade your existing string lights by replacing old incandescent lights with these pink C7 and C9 LED light bulbs. Made from durable plastic, these bulbs are fade resistant and able to withstand general wear and tear. Use these lights to highlight displays, decorate for weddings, or show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Pink LED C6 String Lights

Make wreathes and other greenery pop with pink LED C6 string lights. These lights are slightly smaller in size compared to C7s and have a strawberry shape. After the holidays, incorporate these LED lights into your everyday decor. For example, light up the underside of your daughter's bed or backlight her headboard. Like LED mini light strings, the bulbs are one piece and cannot be replaced.

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