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Brass Antique Light Sockets

Antique Light Sockets - Brass

Whether your old lamp has broken or you're aiming to redesign your space, look no further for vintage light sockets for any fixture. There are four designs to choose from, including dimmable, keyless, turn-knob and pull-chain. Dimmable sockets give you the option to gently illuminate a room or light it fully. They also eliminate the need for external dimmers. Keyless sockets do not have a switch directly on them to turn a light on or off; instead, the lighting fixture is activated by a control on the wall. Turn-knob antique lighting sockets, on the other hand, include a rotating switch to light the bulb. On pull-chain lighting sockets, the turning lever is replaced by a cord that, with a slight tug, lights a room. 1000Bulbs will help you find a vintage light socket in these models that will fit your unique style at prices you won't find anywhere else.