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Replacement Christmas Light Bulbs

Originally developed in the late 1920 and early 1930s by GE, replacement Christmas light bulbs are for use with light stringers and spools. Replacement Christmas light bulbs include the popular C7 and C9 bulbs, globes, and colored candelabra bulbs. C7 replacement Christmas lights have a candelabra (E12) base while C9 lights have an intermediate (E17) base. The diameter of the base (in millimeters) is represented by the number following the "E". To tell which bulb you need, you can easily measure the diameter of the socket. If the socket measures 12 mm, you need a C7 bulb. Sockets measuring 17 mm use C9 bulbs.

Incandescent Replacement Bulbs

Looking to add a classic touch to your extravagant holiday display? Check out these incandescent replacement bulbs. Incandescent C7 bulbs operate on around 5 Watts of power and C9s use 7 Watts. These dimmable incandescent bulbs are available in individual colors and multi-color combinations. Opaque bulbs are frosted and can be seen clearly during the day even when the bulbs are not lit. Transparent bulbs display the filament and some are double or triple dipped for added color depth.

LED Replacement Bulbs

Keep your energy costs down this holiday season with replacement LED Christmas light bulbs. C9 and C7 LED replacement bulbs use less than 1 Watt each. The lower wattage means you can use double the amount of bulbs on a string without worrying about tripping a breaker. Made of durable colored plastic, these bulbs can withstand drops and bumps. Some LED replacement Christmas light bulbs feature VividCore technology that produces up to 20 percent more light than traditional LED replacement bulbs. For a light that more closely resembles the warm light of incandescent, choose warm white deluxe bulbs. Color changing bulbs are also available.

Decorating Ideas for Replacement Christmas Light Bulbs

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, these bulbs can be used in a wide variety of applications. C7 replacement bulbs are great choices for decorating tress, garland on mantels and banisters, store windows, and rooflines. Slightly larger, C9 replacement bulbs are more suited to outdoor displays as the light can be seen from a distance. Use these bulbs for decorating fences, outlining homes or businesses, sidewalks, and other similar applications.

You don't have to pack up the Christmas lights just because the holidays are over. Use red and blue bulbs to create festive strings for Fourth of July celebrations. Pair up green and white bulbs for St. Patrick's Day or to cheer on your favorite sports team. Pink bulbs are the perfect choice for baby showers and princess-themed birthday parties. Make brightly colored strings for patios and gazebos with colored globes. Add accent lighting to wedding by using clear globes. Globes can also be used for marquee signs.

How to Replace Christmas Light Bulbs

Replacement Christmas light bulbs simply screw into the sockets, making these bulbs easy to replace. If an LED or an incandescent bulb goes out, the string will stay lit as long as the failed bulb remains in the socket. You need to make sure that you replace the failed bulb as soon as possible. The other bulbs on the string will draw too much power if you leave the failed lamp in too long. This increases the failure rate of the remaining lamps.

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