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Fluorescent Under Cabinet Lighting

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Fluorescent Under Cabinet Lighting

A popular choice for kitchen cabinets and pantries, fluorescent under cabinet lighting is a budget friendly option. More energy efficient than xenon fixtures and traditionally less expensive than LEDs, fluorescent under cabinet lights use about half as many watts as xenon lights to produce the same amount of light. The tradeoff is relatively poor color rendering, which can leave your granite countertops and colorful woodwork looking washed out. However, if you're primarily wanting to install task lights for reading recipes and reducing eye strain caused by too much overhead lighting, these are a good option. If your goal is to bring out the colors in your backsplash and don't intend to run the lights all day, consider xenon lights or LED under cabinet lighting instead for superior color quality.

You can also use these light fixtures outside of the kitchen. Under cabinet lighting is becoming increasingly popular in cubicles at work and home offices. Just like in the kitchen, reducing overhead lighting minimizes eye strain. Utilizing task lighting while reading a report or researching something in a manual is another way to make your lighting more energy efficient.