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PlusRite Lighting

Plusrite Electric Co., Ltd was founded in May 1986, with the vision of becoming a recognized leader throughout the world in the manufacturing of high-quality lighting products. With our emphasis on continual innovation, excellence in manufacturing and customer driven service, today Plusrite Electric has grown into a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of HID, tungsten halogen, fluorescent and other specialty lighting products.

With factories, distribution warehouses and sales offices located throughout Asia and North America, and expansion planned into South America and Europe, Plusrite Electric products are being manufactured to accommodate the rapidly expanding global marketplace. Currently there are more than 1000 different lighting products being sold in over 50 countries and regions throughout the world.

With the introduction of Plusrite Electric's signature brand, Plusrite, electrical wholesalers and lighting specialty companies throughout North America are turning to Plusrite Electric for a unique combination of reliable, Iow-cost, high-margin lighting products