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Battery Backup - 24 Hour Recharge - Fulham FHSBATT3-F7
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10 Watt - 7 Ah - 135 Min Emergency Operation

NiCad Battery Backup - 24 Hour Recharge - Fulham FHSBATT3-F7


Powering your FireHorse Hotspot emergency lights, the Fulham FHSBATT3-F7 can operate up to 10 watts of LED lighting for up to 135 minutes at a time. Three NiCad F-cell batteries deliver up to seven amp hours of current. This battery pack requires 24 hours to recharge and is designed to work with FireHorse Hotspot LED arrays for easy installation.


Stock Code:  EM-FHSBATT3F7
Family:  FireHorse
UPC:  813068012614
Battery Size:  F
Capacity:  7 Ah
Width:  3.58 in.
Emergency Operation:  135 Minutes
Warranty:  5 Years
Brand:  Fulham
Part No.:  FHSBATT3-F7
Wattage:  10 Watt
Battery Type:  Ni-Cad
Length:  5.37 in.
Height:  1.3 in.
Number of Cells:  3 Cell

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