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8 in. Perma Duct

25 ft. Length - Includes 2 Stainless Steel Clamps - UltraGrow UG/D/PVC/8

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$22.87 ea.
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Brand UltraGROW
MPN (Part No.) UG/D/PVC/8
UPC 638104003889
Length 25 ft.
Diameter 8 in.
Weight 3.1 lb.
Safety Rating N/A


This UltraGrow UG/D/PVC/8 8-inch perma duct is essential for ventilation in your indoor garden! It features 3-ply permanent inside sound-deadening insulation and a reflective PVC exterior to revert heat and prevent tearing or punctures. Twenty-five feet in length, this is the best choice for air ducting on the market. Includes 2 stainless steel clamps.

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