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Green Jules Verne Balloon - Authentic Models AP168G
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Green Jules Verne Balloon - Hot Air Balloon Model

28 in. Height - Features Hand-Knotted Netting and Rattan Basket - Authentic Models AP168G

Imagine floating through the air, gazing at the breath-taking beauty below, all while standing in a hot air balloon basket! Now bring those exhilarating feelings into the privacy of your own home with Authentic Models AP168G Jules Verne green hot air balloon model. Featuring hand-knotted netting and a rattan basket with wood accents, this is a perfect piece for any home decor application.


Stock Code:  AM-AP168G
Part No.:  AP168G
Color:  Green
Diameter:  16.5 in.
Weight:  3 lbs.
Brand:  Authentic Models
UPC:  781934576952
Height:  27.5 in.
Material:  Rope/Rattan/Wood

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