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Semi-Precious Solitaire Game - Authentic Models GR022
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Semi-Precious Solitaire Game 35mm - Collectors Board Game

Features Solid Wood Game Board in French Finish - 38 Marbles - Authentic Models GR022

The Authentic Models GR022 semi-precious solitaire game features a beautiful hand-turned board crafted of hardwood and cherry in a lovely French finish. The game comes complete with a set of 38 marbles, all measuring 35mm. Each marble is made from a variety of semi-precious minerals such as quartz, amethyst, and crystal. With the object being to eliminate all but one marble, this solitaire game will provide hours of entertainment in addition to being an appealing decorative accent in any room!


Stock Code:  AM-GR022
Part No.:  GR022
Height:  3.5 in.
Material:  Wood/Minerals
Brand:  Authentic Models
UPC:  781934564287
Diameter:  13.8 in.
Weight:  8.5 lb.

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