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Heavy 16 FIRE500ML – Bloom Enhancement – 500 ml
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Heavy 16 – Heavy Fire – 500 ml

Bloom Enhancer - NPK (.07-10-16) – FIRE500ML


Designed to be a versatile formula that can be incorporated into any existing plant system or nutrient program, this Heavy 16 FIRE500ML bloom enhancement additive comes in a 500 mL bottle and follows strict nutritional chemistry and biological principals. Containing four forms of phosphorous and three forms of potassium, running Heavy 16's Fire bloom enhancement additive in the final weeks of the veg state and through the entire bloom cycle will provide pre-bloom stimulation, while using Heavy Fire late in the veg stage gives you a larger, more resilient root mass and creates larger, more branched foliage. The combination of ingredients and brewing material gives you the perfect balance of nutrition and stimulation, allowing you to simplify your nutrient regimen.

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Stock Code:  GROW-FIRE500ML
Part No.:  FIRE500ML
N-P-K Ratio:  .07-10-16
Case Quantity:  12
Brand:  Heavy 16
UPC:  728028199215
Volume:  1 L

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