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Heavy 16 - Bud A - 4 Liter
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Heavy 16 - Bud A - 4 Liter

Bloom Nutrient - NPK (4-0-2) - BUDA4L


Heavy 16's BUDA4L Bud-A makes it easy to grow large gardens and big buds and is the highest grade bloom nutrient on the planet, specifically designed for rapid growth of flowering yields. Along with micronutrients to ensure superior quality and yields, this 4-liter bloom nutrient contains the most plant bio-available versions of phosphorous and potassium. It utilizes only the highest-grade ingredients in the most scientifically advantageous formulation on the market. With an NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) of 4-0-2, it can be used in soil and hydroponic gardens. This is a 2-part bloom nutrient, meaning you will need to use both Bud-A and Bud-B for the full effect. Simply measure and add part A at the desired rate, rinse the measuring cup, then measure and add part B at the same rate.

Must be used in conjunction with Bud-B, which is sold separately.


Stock Code:  GROW-BUDA4L
Part No.:  BUDA4L
Volume:  4 L
Brand:  Heavy 16
UPC:  689076202268
Case Quantity:  4

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