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AeroGarden - Salad Greens Kit
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AeroGarden - Salad Greens Kit

Green Leaf, Red Leaf, Butterhead and Romaine - AERO502

The Salad Greens Kit AERO502 for the AeroGarden 7 germinates in days. You can begin harvesting as soon as 2.5-weeks and you can start to enjoy daily harvests of garden fresh lettuce. Produces fresh lettuce with no pesticides or washing needed. Perfect for tossing salads, adding to sandwiches or garnishing your meals. Will continue to harvest for three to four months.


Stock Code:  GROW-AERO502
Part No.:  AERO502
Use With:  AeroGarden 7
Brand:  HydroFarm
UPC:  810705011917
Case Quantity:  4

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