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How to Assemble a Barcana Christmas Tree

The artificial Christmas trees carried by have a natural, full evergreen look. Carefully follow these simple steps to shape and enhance the beauty of your new Christmas tree, making it truly your own!

Step By Step

Before You Begin

Read the product description carefully and take note of the tree's final, assembled diameter. Pick a space big enough to set up the tree, making sure there is also an electrical outlet available.

While our Christmas trees are expertly constructed and made to last for generations, exercise caution when moving and positioning the tree. Only lift or move the tree by holding a main branch along with the center pole (tree trunk), never by pulling on a single branch or limb.

Step 1: Stand Assembly

For two-piece steel or plastic stands, simply slide the two pieces together then apply slight pressure to the center hub until it clicks. For one-piece fold-up stands, open the legs to their locking position and tighten the bottom thumbscrew to secure. If you have a one-piece stand, no assembly is required.

Stand Assembly

Step 2: Tree Assembly

UInsert the bottom section of the tree (if your tree has more than one section) into the stand. Secure the tree by tightening the thumbscrews and allow the hinged branches to fall into their natural, horizontal position. If you have a multi-section tree, add the other sections, taking care to lubricate the pole ends for easy insertion and removal at the end of the holiday season.

Tree Assembly

Step 3: Tree Shaping

Traditional Tree Shaping

  • A. Carefully separate all small limbs from the main branch.
  • B. Working from the trunk of the tree outward, move one limb up and one limb down, forming a "V" shape.
  • C. Proceed to the second set of limbs and angle one to the right and one to the left, forming a "V" shape.
  • D. Repeat the sequence until the tree is completely shaped.

Traditional Tree Shaping

Upswept Tree Shaping

  • A. Carefully separate all small limbs from main branch.
  • B. Working from the trunk of the tree outward, move each limb in an upswept position.
  • C. Continue by angling all remaining limbs in an outward and upward fashion until the tree is completely shaped

Upswept Tree Shaping

Step 4: Tree Storage

Remove all decorations and lights (unless you have a pre-lit tree). Disassemble the sections of your tree, if the tree has multiple sections. Close all side limbs parallel to the branch. Turn each section upside down, allowing the branches to fall toward the trunk. Disassemble the tree stand. Use a Christmas light storage bag to preserve your tree for years to come!

Tree Storage