Euri LED Lighting

Euri Lighting is a division of IRTronix Inc. which was established in 2000. IRTronix has become a leading force in LED solutions that specializes in LED components and power semiconductors. Euri Lighting was born out of an idea, to bring innovative LED Lighting Products to the marketplace, that will lead the charge in Technology and Innovation. Headquartered in Torrance, California Euri Lighting is a manufacturer and a supplier of LED lighting products.

For LED Lighting the future is now and Euri Lighting is on track to become the world’s leader in supplying LED lighting Products across the globe. Euri Lighting is geared to our customers. We operate and deliver superior customer support and quality service. Our high quality LED products are backed by a limited warranty and affordable pricing.

Euri's lighting, manufacturing, and technology capabilities span worldwide, achieving the perfect balance of superior light bulb quality and exceptional value for our consumers. Every LED bulb is produced by the highest standards in the industry. Fully equipped testing facilities assure you that every lamp or bulb shipped out is of the highest quality and consistency.


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