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4 ft. LED Vapor Tight Fixtures

Provide bright, long lasting light in harsh conditions by replacing your fluorescent vapor tight fixtures with these 4 ft. LED vapor tight fixtures from

Easily recognizable by the metal latch clips used to hold their impact resistant lenses in place, these fixtures have durable housing designed to resist rust, corrosion, warping, and fading. LED vapor tight fixtures use a fraction of the energy of similar fluorescent fixtures for exceptional energy savings. With no bulbs to replace, these long lasting fixtures help reduce maintenance costs. Some fixtures come with additional built-in features such as motions sensors or emergency backups. Motion sensors automatically turn on the fixture for a set amount of time when motion is detected. Emergency backups provide light for up to 90 minutes during a power outage. Many LED vapor tight fixtures can be paired with 0-10V dimmers for better control over the light output. For fixtures that may qualify for state or local rebates, look for LED vapor tight fixtures that are Energy Star, DLC, and DLC Premium certified.

Utilize 4 ft. LED vapor tight fixtures in a wide range of applications including parking garages, car washes, loading dockets, warehouses, and cold storage facilities. These hardwire fixtures can be suspended or surface mounted. For a cool white light that helps reduce eye strain, pick fixtures producing a 4000 Kelvin light. To increase visibility, look for LED vapor tight fixtures emitting a daylight white 5000 Kelvin light. Rated for use in indoor and outdoor wet locations, many fixtures are also IP-65 rated for protection against dust and water entry.

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