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Fly and Insect Control

Paraclipse systems are more than just ordinary fly traps. Only Paraclipse uses a 3-pronged approach to capture disease-ridden flies and other insects: Ultraviolet light to attract flies, insect pheromones and food scents to draw them in, and an auto advance cartridge to finally trap them.

1000Bulbs.com is fully committed to maintaining an adequate supply of replacement lamps and cartridges for this high quality, established product.

Fly Patrol

The ultimate home decorative fly control system, powerful enough for light commercial use. The Fly Patrol meets all USDA and FDA guidelines and is ideal for kitchens, dining rooms, family rooms, garages, and small restaurants and delis up to 400 square feet.

Insect Inn I & II

Combines an attractive wall sconce design with commercial power. The Ultra I & II are ideal for restaurants, supermarkets, buffets, and dining areas up to 1,000 square feet.


The commercial/industrial multi-function fly trap. Because its ingenious design utilizes two lamps and UV booster reflectors, the Paraclipse Terminator attracts flies from both sides of the unit. The Terminator is ideal for commercial kitchens, food processing plants and preparation areas, supermarkets, warehouses, and hospitals up to 4,000 square feet.

Mosquito Eliminator

A decorative, yet highly effective mosquito control system. This special no-zap system uses no harmful chemicals or pesticides, yet effectively protects against disease-ridden insects. The Eliminator is ideal for outdoor restaurants, golf course patios, public garden areas, horse barns, and poultry and egg ranches.

Why Paraclipse Works

The Insect Inn Ultra™ I, Insect Inn Ultra™ II, Terminator and Fly Patrol all brilliantly eliminate the worries associated with other forms of flying insect control. For example, the problem with “bug zappers” is that they are extremely unsanitary. A bug zapper’s sole function is to blow insects to bits and scatter their remains all over whatever lies in the vicinity. However, with our patented trapping system, flies and other flying insects are fully contained inside the units. Once caught, they are there to stay.

Ultraviolet light has a seemingly magnetic pull on flying insects—especially flies. Our units use special UV light and strategically placed UV Booster Reflectors to draw flies already indoors to the units. The UV light they use is harmless to humans but fatally attractive to insects.

Our family of fly trapping units pose none of the contamination risks of chemical fly control systems. Our trapping system is environmentally friendly and largely biodegradable. They meet all applicable USDA and FDA guidelines.

As flying insects become trapped, the units' motorized mechanisms carry them into the take-up reel of the cartridges. The reel-to-reel action of the units are constantly presenting a fresh adhesive surface and fresh attractants. All three systems will continuously eliminate thousands of flies using a single cartridge which can remain effective for 60 days (Insect Inn Ultra™ I, Insect Inn Ultra™ II, and Terminator) or 30 days (Fly Patrol)!

Glueboards, on the other hand, often become useless after only a few days - their stationary trapping surface covered by dust, grease, dirt and maybe even a few flies. Maintenance of our fly control systems is also much easier and more sanitary. With the old glueboard system, you were left with no choice but to handle a glueboard that might be carpeted with flies. Definitely one of the most unpleasant and unsanitary chores imaginable.

Paraclipse's cartridge system, on the other hand, silently rolls the trapped insects inside a disposable cartridge. Only the cartridge is handled...never a fly-covered trapping surface.

We’ve blended sex pheromones and food scents right into the glue used on our trapping surface which is cleverly printed with decoys appearing to be feasting flies. In doing so, the fly’s basic feeding and reproduction instincts are triggered. This combination of attractants and decoys on our unique trapping surface gives our fly control systems a powerful trapping capability.

In every way, our fly control systems have been designed with efficiency and effectiveness in mind. They will silently put an end to your flying insect disturbances and the spread of diseases they carry.

All of our fly control systems are non-toxic, clean, effective fly elimination systems that absolutely work!

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