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Dimmable Fluorescent Ballasts

Need a new ballast for your 4-pin plug-in CFL lamps? Check out our selection of CFL electronic dimmable ballasts.

These programmed start dimmable ballasts operate one or two 4-pin CFL lamps ranging from 13 Watts to 42 Watts. To help extend lamp life, this start method fully preheats the cathodes before a surge of voltage is used to light the lamps. These ballasts can be paired with compatible dimming controls, allowing you adjust the light output as needed. For use in areas where lights are turned on and off frequently, these dimmable ballasts are ideal for offices, board rooms, meeting rooms and conference areas, or other general lighting applications. Ballasts rated for indoor locations should only be in dry areas. Damp location rated ballasts can be used in areas where moisture may be present, such as commercial bathrooms or utility rooms.

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