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Dimmer Switches

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Dimmer Switch Compatibility

Not all dimmer switches can handle the same load or types of devices. Some are able to control fan speed, while others only dim the lights. All incandescent and halogen lights are dimmable and compatible with most dimmers. CFLs and LEDs are a little different and you'll need to check for compatibility. Dimmable CFL and LED bulbs sold by 1000Bulbs.com will all have a Dimmer Compatibility PDF or Spec Sheet on the product page that shows a list of dimmers test and approved to work with that bulb. If you've recently switched to dimmable LED bulbs and you're experiencing flickering or the bulbs aren't dimming down very far, you may be using them with an incompatible dimmer. You'll also want to look at the max load rating of the switch to see if it can handle all lights on a circuit. For example, a 600 Watt max dimmer switch can dim ten 60 Watt bulbs whereas a 300 Watt max dimmer switch can only handle five 60 Watt bulbs.

Single Pole vs. 3-Way and Multi-Location

  • Single Pole: means this switch is designed for fixtures controlled by a single switch. It would not replace a three-way switch on the stairs where there's a light switch at the top and bottom of the stairs both controlling the stairwell lighting.
  • 3-Way Dimmer : means one dimmer controls the light level, but additional light switches can be used to turn the light off or on to the setting controlled by the dimmer. A 3-way dimmer cannot support additional dimming locations or remotes.
  • Multi-Location: means this switch can be paired with companion dimmers. Using multiple dimmers allows full dimming control from more than one location and could be used for stairwells or other rooms where replacing more than one switch on a circuit. Dimmers listed as Single Pole/Multi-Location can be used either as the only switch for a fixture or paired with companion dimmers.

What is 0-10V Dimming?

Dimmers that use 0-10V dimming have an additional wire that applies 0-10 Volts DC to adjust the light intensity. When applying 10 Volts, the light is at 100% and at 0 Volts, the light is either off or at the minimum brightness supported by the lamp and dimmer without turning off. These dimmer switches are compatible with most LED fixtures and LED light bulbs that use 0-10V dimming.

Types of Dimmer Switches

  • Toggle and Slide Switch: This type of dimmer switch uses a toggle switch for on/off controls and a small slider next to the toggle to control dimming.
  • Paddle and Slide Switch: This type of switch is used with decorator plates. Instead of a small toggle, it uses a large paddle button for on/off control. Similar to the toggle and slide switch, this dimmer switch uses a slider next to the paddle to control dimming.
  • Rocker and Slide Switch: Similar to the toggle and slide switch, this dimmer switch uses a flip switch for on/off and a slider for dimming. The difference is that the rocker switch is shaped a little differently, more like a small paddle switch and the slider is substantially larger than the slider next to the toggle switch. In most cases the slider takes up about two third of the switch with the on/off rocker underneath.
  • On/Off Rotary Switch: This dimmer switch has a rotary dial instead of a toggle or slider. Spinning the dial dims the lights and pressing the button turns the lights on and off. Sometimes spinning the dial to the lowest setting will turn the lights off, but some LED bulbs only dim down to a certain percent and don't dim to off the way incandescent and halogen lights do.
  • Table Lamp Dimmer: These are plug-in dimmer switches that are designed to use an electrical outlet rather than being permanently installed. They can be a cord with a slider in the middle, or may be a unit with additional receptacles for the lamps to plug into near the wall.
  • Wireless Dimmer Switches: Depending on the product, it may be a standalone switch that you can control via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, or you may need a connecting bridge. The range of wireless dimmer switches varies as it may be limited to the same room or have remote access for times when you're on vacation and can't be sure you turned off all the lights in your panic to catch your flight. Check the spec sheets for each products or call one of our lighting experts for assistance finding the correct wireless LED dimmer switch for you.