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LED Tube Lights Over 2000 Lumens - Direct Wire

Eliminate ballast maintenance costs and compatibility issues by retrofitting your fluorescent fixtures with these ballast bypass LED T8 tubes from!

Ballast bypass (or direct wire) LED tubes run directly off of line voltage. The ballast must be removed, eliminating a potential failure point. The fixture is rewired based on the lamp operation during installation. Single-ended tubes require existing sockets be replaced with non-shunted ones and the fixture wired so that power is only going to one end. Double-ended tubes allow you to keep the existing sockets while wiring the fixture for power on both ends. Direct wire tubes last longer than fluorescents to reduce the time and money spent on replacements. Some tubes are compatible with dimmers, allowing you to adjust the light output as needed and further extend the life of the lamps. For additional savings, look for LED tubes that are DLC certified as these lamps may qualify for state or local rebates.

Where to Use Ballast Bypass Tubes

Delivering over 2000 Lumens, these LED tubes offer a bright light output that is suitable for use in strip lights, high bays, and troffers. For creating a welcoming atmosphere in waiting areas and lobbies, use tubes that emit a color temperature between 3000K and 3500K. For reduced eye strain in classrooms and offices, choose LED tubes in the 4000K range. For hospitals, manufacturing floors, workshops, and other locations that require improved visibility, pick tubes in the 5000K range or higher. If broken glass is a concern, look for shatter resistant direct wire tubes. These tubes have a coating that meets NSF certifications, allowing for use in food preparation areas.

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