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8 ft. Double-Ended Direct Wire T8 LED Tubes

Keep your existing 8 ft. fluorescent fixtures by retrofitting them with these double-ended direct wire T8 LED tubes from!

Take the hassle out of retrofitting your fluorescent fixtures. While these direct wire T8 tubes do require the removal of the ballast during installation, you use the existing sockets to operate directly off of line voltage. With the ballast removed, ballast maintenance costs and a potential failure point are eliminated. Some tubes are DLC certified and may be eligible for state or local rebates, providing additional savings.

Commonly used in parking garages, hospitals, and warehouses, 8 ft. double-ended LED T8 direct wire tubes are available with two base types. LED T8 tubes with a recessed double contact base (R17d) are high output replace T8 and T12 high output fluorescent tubes. Single pin tubes (FA8) generally replace T8 fluorescents, but some can replace T12s as well. For applications around food prep areas, choose tubes that feature a shatter resistant costing that meets NSF requirements.

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