Emergency Lights

Emergency Lights

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Emergency Lights at 1000Bulbs.com

Along with exit signs, emergency lights are designed to provide adequate lighting in case of an emergency or power failure. 1000Bulbs.com offers only the highest quality, UL 924 compliant emergency lights in configurations perfect for any building.

Standard Emergency Lights

Available with Tungsten or Halogen lamp heads for that extra "punch," standard emergency lights are the right choice for most applications. Most units are self-testing for ease-of-use.

High Wattage Emergency Lights

High wattage emergency lights are intended for larger buildings and installations. With remote capability of up to 36 watts, these units have enough power left over to run external lamp heads.

Heavy Duty Emergency Lights

Designed for punishing environments, heavy duty emergency lights balance performance with the rugged strength of reinforced thermoplastic or die-cast steel housings.

Remote Heads

Use remote heads in tandem with high wattage emergency lights to get light in just the right spots without the need for a separate emergency light.