Garden and Growing Accessories

Garden and Growing Accessories

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Garden and Growing Accessories

Rockwool Block Covers

Our dual-sided Rockwool Block Covers reflect light away from grow media and onto plant leaves, where it's needed the most. These block covers will eliminate pest problems and stump both algae and mildew growth.

Measuring Cups/Syringes

Containing items like beakers, syringes, and pipettes, our Measuring Cups/Syringes section has everything you need to administer the proper amounts of nutrients or additives to your plants.


Careful trimming of your plants will be a cinch with any choice from our selection of Pruners/Shears. Available in different shapes and sizes, all options are equipped with an anti-slip handle to guarantee precision.

Thermometers and Hygrometers

Easily regulate temperature or humidity levels in your indoor garden using these Thermometers and Hygrometers. Any choice from our collection will give a quick and accurate reading.

Black and White Poly Film

Line your grow room with our two-sided Black and White Poly Film to cover walls that are too dark to reflect light back towards your garden. Offering 90 percent reflectivity, the white side is great for walls and floors, while the black side is great for keeping light out.

LED Microscopes

These LED Microscopes will help you easily identify diseases, pests, and even the sex of your plants. Get closer to your plants without straining your eyes!

Infrared Blocking Mylar

Protect your garden from prying eyes with Infrared Blocking Mylar. This infrared blocking technology from NASA will reduce heat signatures by 97 percent.

Plant Stability

Our Plant Stability section includes bamboo stakes, rubber coated steel stakes, plastic meshes, twist ties, and other items that will make sure your plants stay upright and in their proper positions.

120 and 240 Volt Extension Cords

We offer 120 and 240 Volt Extension Cords to help you power your indoor garden. Both voltages are available in 12-foot and 25-foot options.

Power Strips

Currently, our Power Strips section offers a 6-outlet "tower of power." Measuring 10 inches tall, the tower includes an extension cord that measures 6 feet long.

Moisture Probes

Use Moisture Probes in your soil to quickly tell when your plants need watering. Some probes also measure other attributes, such as pH levels and light.

Spray Bottles

Use our Spray Bottles to mist your plants with pesticides, insecticides, foliar sprays, and more. Bottle sizes range from 8 ounces to 2 liters.

Green LED Flashlights

Green LED Flashlights allow you to check on your grow room without disrupting your plants' flowering cycle. Head lights and work lights using green LEDs are available here as well.

Plant Enhancement Systems

Our collection of Plant Enhancement Systems includes kits that encourage plant growth through AC/DC radiation in the soil as well as subsonic machines that use harmonic waves in the water.

Light Meters

Our Light Meters measure light intensity in your grow room. Make sure your plants are getting the right amount of light with any of these high-quality options.

PAR Meters

PAR Meters measure photosynthetic active radiation, or PAR, which is the spectral range of solar radiation that plants can use in the process of photosynthesis. These meters can be used outdoors with the sun or indoors with grow lights.

Bio Green Clean

Bio Green Clean is an all-natural industrial cleaning solution. Non-toxic and biodegradable, this solution is an ideal replacement for harmful or ineffective chemical cleaners.