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250 Watt Equal LED High Bay Lighting Linear

Reduce energy costs by replacing metal halide fixtures with these linear LED high bay fixtures from 1000Bulbs.com!

These fixtures deliver the same amount of light as 250-Watt metal halide fixtures while using less energy. Some LED high bays can be dimmed with compatible dimmers, letting you adjust the light as desired. Along with excellent energy savings, some DLC and DLC Premium listed fixtures may qualify for state or local rebates.

250-Watt equal LED linear high bay fixtures use either integrated LEDs or direct wire LED T8 tubes. With no lamps to replace, fixtures with integrated LEDs must be replaced once the LEDs reach the end of their life. These fixtures have the color temperature (color of the light produced) and Lumen output preset. 4000K fixtures produce a cool white light that help to reduce eye strain. Daylight 5000K light improves visibility and concentration, helping increase pick accuracy. Fixtures using LED T8 direct wire tubes have greater flexibility when it comes to light output. The color temperature and Lumens are dependent on the LED T8 tubes that are chosen. This allows you to easily change out the lights as the needs of your space changes.

Suitable for warehouses, manufacturing floors, and other large spaces with high ceilings, these fixtures can be suspended, pedant mounted, or surface mounted. Before choosing your high bay fixture, be sure to check the safety rating. Fixtures rated for indoor locations should only be using in dry areas where no water or moisture is present. For areas where there is moisture, look for LED high bay linear fixtures that are damp location rated.

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