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LED T8/T12 Hybrid Tubes

LED hybrid tubes offer a more flexible upgrade option for fixtures such as high bays and strip lights. These tubes can be installed initially as plug-and-play tubes with a compatible ballast. Once the ballast reaches the end of its life, the tube can be re-installed as a direct wire lamp by removing the ballast and rewiring the fixture for either single or double-ended installation. Single-ended installation requires non-shunted sockets, while double-ended allows you to use either socket type. Along with exceptional energy and maintenance savings, some LED hybrid tubes meet DLC and DLC Premium certifications so these LED tubes may qualify for rebates from state and local utilities.

LED hybrid tubes can be used in a wide variety of applications depending on the color temperature, or color of the light produced. 3500 Kelvin light is ideal for locations such as lobbies and boutiques where a more welcoming feel is desired. Commonly used in classrooms, offices, and retail stores, 4000 Kelvin light helps reduce eye strain. Improved visibility and focus, 5000 Kelvin light is used in workshops, garages, and warehouses. Locations with moisture present, such as commercial bathrooms, need hybrid tubes rated for damp locations. If the LED hybrid tube may come into direct contact with water, pick a wet location rated tube. For food service applications, look for LED hybrid tubes with shatter-resistant coatings that meet NSF requirements.

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