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Canopy Light Fixtures | Parking Garage Lighting

Tired of dim yellow light from high pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures in your parking garages? It's time to replace them with LED canopy lights!


Canopy Lights

LED canopy fixtures outperform and outlast their metal halide (MH) counterparts, providing a brighter and more consistent light. Since canopy LED lights use LED diodes, there are no bulbs to replace. LED canopy lights can be used in a variety of locations including underpasses, gas stations, storage areas, and loading docks.

Types of Canopy Lights offers round and square canopy light fixtures, as well as retrofit kits. Both square and round LED canopy light fixtures have durable housings and lenses designed to hold up against harsh outdoor environments. Several LED canopy lights also have Ingress Protection (IP) ratings for additional protection against dust and water entry. Canopy lights emit a cool white or a stark white light, providing both better visibility and added security.

Canopy light retrofit kits are a little different. These are used to convert your existing metal halide fixture to an LED canopy light. It's a good option to consider if you are not ready to replace a MH fixture just yet. Installation requires the removal of a majority of the lamp components and replaces them with an array of LED diodes.

What are IP, UL, and ETL ratings?

Suitable for surface mounting, LED canopy lights are available with a few different ratings that help you know where it can be safely used. UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) are both non-profit organizations that focus on product safety. UL and ETL have several location ratings, with damp and wet being the most prominent for LED canopy lights. Damp location means that the canopy light can be used in areas where moisture is present, like covered sidewalks and storage facilities. Wet location means that the canopy light can be used in a location where it can come in direct contact with water. Examples of wet locations for canopy lighting include car washes and parking garages.

The IP rating shows how well the canopy light's enclosure is sealed against objects and moisture. You will usually see this in addition to the UL or ETL rating, but not every product will have it. It's composed of two numbers. The first indicates the level of protection against intrusion and the second against water entry. The most common IP rating is IP65, meaning it is dust tight and can withstand water jets from any angle. LED canopy lights for gas stations or car washes are good examples of locations that may need an IP65 rating. These will be prominently displayed on the LED canopy light's packaging, the specification sheet, and the labeling directly on the fixture itself.

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