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T12 Bulbs - Bi-Pin Fluorescent Tubes

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T12 Fluorescent Tube Lights - Linear Bi-Pin

Searching for some new T12 fluorescent bulbs to add to your space? Look no further! has the bulbs you need to illuminate your space brightly and efficiently. These T12 bulbs are available in Kelvin color temperatures ranging from cool white light, ideal for commercial applications, to full spectrum daylight white light, designed to resemble natural light.

Fluorescent Tube Sizes

Fluorescent tube lights come in several different sizes and wattages. The quickest way to figure out which bulb you have is by reading the label at the end of the tube, but if that label has peeled off or is no long visible, you can measure the bulb's diameter. The "T" stands for the tubular shape of the bulb and the number following is the diameter in eighths of an inch. These fluorescent tubes are T12s, so they are 12/8 inches (or 1.5 inches) in diameter. The "F" signifies that the tube is a fluorescent and the number after it represents the wattage of the tube. For example, a F40T12 is a 40-Watt bulb.

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