To Speak to a U.S. Based Lighting Pro

Archipelago Lighting

Based in California, Archipelago Lighting is known for its innovative new products for commercial and residential lighting purposes. The company prides itself on using the newest technology in order to meet Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency requirements for ENERGY STAR certification. Archipelago combines innovative products with exceptional service and competitive pricing. Its contemporary warehouse stores a vast inventory for efficient distribution of products.

Archipelago Lighting offers a full line of fluorescent and LED lighting fixtures. The company’s advanced technology is reinventing the way people think about LED lighting.

For those that like the look and feel of incandescent bulbs, the company offers LEDs that increase energy efficiency, but still have the desired look and feel of incandescent.

Among Archipelago’s line of LED lighting solutions are its LUMENSTARR™ Commercial LED Linear Series products. This line of products features indoor and outdoor lighting that can be used in locations such as office buildings, schools, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and parking garages. They can directly replace fluorescent tubes for higher energy efficiency.