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Nanolux Nanolux

With a team carrying over 40 years of experience in hydroponics, Nanolux Technology is a world leader in grow lamp ballast technology for both design and innovative applications. With the first Nanolux ballast being launched in 2011, Nanolux has released many series of ballasts, giving growers the ability to operate HPS and MH lights over the years. Nanolux ballasts are programmed with soft start and dimming functionality to promote lamp life protect against circuit damage or thermal overloads. Their ballasts operate on a wide range of voltages and include LED visual notification systems to help meter and diagnose current systems.

Nanolux’s ballasts are equipped with the proprietary Nanolux Cloud Control System (NCCS), which can maintain up to 999 ballasts within wireless range. This innovative system gives you constant monitoring and control of your ballasts and system remotely. They also offer a range of frequency filters to mitigate EMI generated by their powerful electronic ballasts.