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LED Bed Light Fixtures


LED Bed Light Fixtures

Discover an innovative and energy-efficient lighting solution for patient rooms with these LED hospital overbed lights. Designed to mimic the look and style of traditional fluorescent bed fixtures, these linear fixtures easily surface mount on the wall above patient beds. They can be used in hospitals and other types of care facilities to provide both general and task lighting.

Benefits of LED Hospital Bed Lights

LED hospital bed lights provide a variety of benefits. They are a great way to reduce energy and maintenance costs, as these lights use a fraction of the energy and last far longer than the traditional fixtures they replace. LED lamps generate less heat that traditional lights, ensuring patient comfort and well being.

Many LED light fixtures utilize integrated LED diodes instead of replaceable bulbs, meaning there are no lamps to replace. Some LED overbed lighting can be dimmed with 0-10V dimmers, letting patients adjust the light intensity as needed to create the perfect ambiance for relaxation, reading, or any other activity.

Standard vs Bi-directional Lighting

Hospital bed lights are available in two different types: standard and bi-directional. Standard LED bed lights are typically linear fixtures that emit light horizontally out into the room or downwards toward the patient bed, and turn on and off using a pull chain.

Newer LED lights have bi-directional lighting. These lights are also linear, however they produce both up and down light. Patients can choose to have up light only, down light only, or both. Up lighting, or indirect light, emits light up to the ceiling to provide overall ambient illumination. This is a gentle light without any harsh glare that can easily light a room. Down lighting, or direct light, provides necessary general and task lighting. This gives patients, doctors, nurses, and caregivers a bright, diffused light to see by when needed.

Where to Use LED Hospital Bed Lights

There are a surprising number of applications for LED hospital bed lights. Wall mount them in rooms at nursing homes, assisted living facilities, medical offices, and even residential homes. They can also be used as utility lighting and a general lighting in commercial buildings.

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