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LED - PAR20 - High CRI - 3000 Kelvin

LED PAR20 high CRI bulbs are commonly used in recessed, track, and landscaping lighting to replace PAR20 halogen bulbs. Operating more efficiently and lasting far longer, these bulbs reduce energy and replacement costs. These LED PAR20 bulbs produce a halogen white 3000 Kelvin light that matches the output of halogen bulbs. Featuring a high color rendering index (CRI) of 90 or higher, these bulbs make objects look their best by making colors appear brighter and more accurate. High CRI bulbs are ideal for use in museums, high-end retail stores, art galleries, and other similar locations where color appearance is important. These bulbs also produce less heat then halogen bulbs, making them a good choice for lighting displays that are sensitive to heat.

LED PAR20 Bulb Beam Angles

High CRI LED PAR20 3000K bulbs have several beam angle options. Bulbs with narrower beam angles are used to illuminate individual objects or small spaces, while wider beam angles are better suited for providing general illumination in larger areas. Narrow spot bulbs have a beam angle of 10 degrees or less. Spot bulbs have a slightly larger beam angle of 15 degrees. LED PAR20 bulbs with a beam angle of 25 degrees are called narrow flood. Flood bulbs have a beam angle of 36 to 45 degrees. If the beam angle of a bulb is 50-degress or higher, it is called a wide flood bulb.

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