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Timers, Wires, Switches & Other Electrical Supplies

Now that you have your lighting elements, it's time to buy the needed electrical equipment to finish your installation. Whether you need electrical wire and a low voltage transformer for your landscape lighting or cord protectors for your outdoor Christmas lights, delivers right to your door.

Sockets, Extensions and Adapters

It doesn't matter how advanced your installation is, everything needs a contact point. Whether you're looking for phenolic sockets, E26 extenders, or just a simple wall outlet, has your back with a wide array of sockets and adapters. We carry both phenolic and porcelain sockets, as well as halogen, linear fluorescent, compact fluorescent, GU24 twist and lock, HID sockets and more. Find the sockets you need for any point of the project from temporary sockets to give light during the build to brass and nickel pendant lights as you finish the kitchen remodel.

Receptacles and Weatherproof Covers

Your electrical equipment needs power, whether indoors or out. Unless you want to haul around generators or permanently hard wire everything, chances are you'll be powering your electronic devices with an outlet. Order standard, AFCI, GFCI, or combination outlets to fit your needs. Check the National Electrical Code (NEC) prior to ordering so you know which outlets are required for each room in your home or commercial building. AFCI and GFCI outlets are specially designed to protect against electrical power problems caused by arc or ground faults. If you've got little kids, consider a tamper resistant outlet. These receptacles have an added safety component that makes it more difficult for anyone to accidentally stick a foreign object into the outlet. Weatherproof covers are another safety feature for outdoor receptacles.

Electrical Wire has a range of products to suit your needs. Order 10, 12, or 14 gauge wire for landscape lighting and other low voltage applications. Buy power strips with built-in surge protection to keep your gaming hardware safe or keep a power outage from taking out your office electronics. You can also find antique extension cords to pair with antique bulbs. also stocks lamp cord sets, lamp wire, and antique wire plugs along with table lamp dimmers.

Wall Switches

Home lighting has advanced far beyond the simple on-and-off switches of initial electric lighting. Automatic lighting uses multiple technologies to check for room occupancy and vacancy, dimmer controls are now specially designed for different lighting technologies and for remote use, and miniaturized timers allow for single or recurring-use timing on your lights. Wall switches will never be the same with such an array of options, styles, and colors.

Motion sensor light switches aren't just for the home. Install occupancy sensors in public restrooms to save on electricity and provide light only when needed. Enable motion controls in warehouses and distribution centers with high bay motion sensors. While these electrical switches can be installed yourself, we always advise consulting a licensed electrician prior to install if at all uncomfortable with the installation instructions or working with electricity. And most important: don't forget to turn off the electricity at the breaker.

Photocells and Outdoor Controls

In addition to indoor timers, offers outdoor timers and photocells (both traditional and LED) to give you control over your outdoor lighting. Make sure the load matches the type of photocell. You cannot run multiple load types on a single circuit and should not use an LED compatible photocell with traditional lighting technology or vice versa. Doing so will damage the photocell, lighting component, or both. Choose between spring wound, astronomic, mechanical, or electronic timers, these controls help you set it and forget it. Some of the timers automatically adjust for daylight savings time, so that you're not leaving the lights on an hour longer than needed or turning them on too early. Paired with UL wet location lamps, these timers and photocells can be used for lighting your parking lot or building exterior, saving money on electricity and maintenance cost when compared to leaving the lights on 24-7. Some of the timers can also be used to run heating elements, fountains, Christmas lights, and other decorative elements.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Protect your home or rental properties with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. The regulatory codes vary some state to state regarding the requisite number and location of units. In some states, it falls on residents to perform the routine checks and in others, responsibility belongs to the landlord. Units can be hard-wired or standalone battery operated units, each of which have different testing protocols and schedules. also offers interconnect able and retrofit devices for senior living centers and other places where residents may be hard of hearing and need additional visual alerts. goes beyond the basics. We carry a full line of electrical products that add convenience and functionality to your lighting products. If you are not sure which electrical products will suit your needs best, we encourage you to contact our friendly and knowledgeable account managers who will be happy to help. Give us a call at 1-800-624-4488 during normal business hours.