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High and Low Bay LED Retrofit Lamps

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High Bay and Low Bay LED Retrofit Lamps

Looking to upgrade your warehouse lighting without having to replace your metal halide or high pressure sodium fixtures? Consider retrofitting them with our high bay and low bay LED retrofit lamps. Retrofitting allows you to keep your existing fixtures while enjoying the benefits that LED lighting has to offer. Learn more about LED warehouse lighting in our blog post: Guide to Warehouse Lighting.

How Do These Bulbs Benefit You?

There are two primary benefits to using low bay and high bay light bulbs in your LED warehouse lighting. The first is the reduction of maintenance costs. With an average life of up to 50,000 hours, these low bay and high bay light bulbs easily outlast their metal halide and high pressure sodium counterparts. That means you will spend less time needing to replace lamps. During installation, some LED warehouse lighting requires that the ballast be completely removed from the fixture while others require that the ballast be replaced with an LED driver. This completely eliminates compatibility issues and maintenance costs associated with ballasts.

The second benefit is that these low bay light bulbs provide more options coming in a range of Kelvin color temperatures, each with their own advantages. A cool white 4000 Kelvin light helps to reduce eye strain and improve concentration, making workers more productive. Using a stark white 5000 Kelvin light provides better visibility, ensuring that merchandise is easier to see for better accuracy during picks and can also help reduce accidents as well.

Low bay and high bay lighting come with medium (E26) or mogul (both E39 and EX39) bases and are available in a variety of Lumen and color temperature combinations. Our low bay and high bay light bulbs also have two mounting orientation options: vertical or universal. Vertical mount means that the bulb can be used base up or base down. Universal mount means that it can be used base up, base down, or horizontally.

How Do You Know if it's a High Bay Light Bulb or Low Bay Bulb?

Determining which fixture type these bulbs are for is actually very simple. Just like with regular high bay or low bay fixtures, you will need to take a look at the Lumens. Lumens are the measurement of light output for a bulb, or the amount of brightness it produces. Lamps that deliver fewer than 10,000 Lumens are considered low bay light bulbs. High bay light bulbs produce 10,000 Lumens and higher. For example, a retrofit bulb that produces 20,000 Lumens will be installed in high bay lighting while a bulb that emits only 4,100 Lumens will be for low bay lighting.

Unsure which retrofit bulb is right for your fixture? Our friendly and helpful staff is just a phone call away at 1-800-624-4488.