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RainForest 318 - General Hydroponics GH6700
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RainForest 318 - Complete Hydroponic System with Vortex Sprayer - 18 Sites

17 Gallon Reservoir - Includes Lid Inserts, Grow Cups, Liners and Caps, and 3-Part Flora Kit - General Hydroponics GH6700

The General Hydroponics GH6700 RainForest 318 complete system is perfect for propagating cuttings, quick-starting seeds, or transplants. The Vortex spinner included in this set oxygenated nutrient solution than gently distributes over cutting base or root system, giving you the most oxygen possible in the root zone. The RainForest system is ideal for starting plants or even for growing plants to maturity and harvest. System includes: 17-gallon reservoir with lid, (18) 3-inch plant sites, (18) 3-inch lid inserts, vortex sprayer, (18) 3-inch grow cups, CocoTek liners and caps, and 3-part Flora series kit. This RainForest system is perfect for small and medium plants.

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Stock Code:  GROW-GH6700
Part No.:  GH6700
Length:  26.2 in.
Height:  25.5 in.
Brand:  General Hydroponics
UPC:  793094067003
Width:  23.4 in.
Weight:  11.5 lb.

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