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Under Current UC6XL - 6 Site
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Under Current UC6XL - 6 Site

8 in. Net Pots - 8 Gallon Grow Modules - 25 in. Between Pots - 75 Watts - 120 Volts - CCH2O UC6XL


The Under Current UC6XL 6-site recirculates the solution from module to module with a water pump and infuses the nutrient solution with a ton of dissolved oxygen, creating a hyper aerobic condition. 24/7 nutrient circulation ensures that pH and EC are uniform throughout the entire system. An inline water pump provides peripheral negative pressure by thrusting nutrients back to a return module which is the Epicenter controller, evoking perpetual fluid motion. UCXL models are 25-inches from one center of the net pot to the other.


Stock Code:  GROW-UC6XL
Part No.:  UC6XL
Voltage:  120
Width:  39 in.
Recommended Chiller:  1/10 - 1/6 HP
Recommended Reservoir:  50 Gallons
Warranty:  1 Year
Brand:  Current Culture H2O
Wattage:  75 Watt
Length:  91 in.
Made in USA:  Yes
Recommended Lighting:  2 X 600W
Weight:  60 lbs.

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