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2x4 LED Troffers - Stark White (5000K)

$74.81 ea.


2x4 LED Recessed Troffer - Equal to a 3-Lamp T8 Fluorescent Troffer - GlobaLux LCB-24-40-MVD-850


$81.33 ea.


$81.76 ea.


5000K LED Troffers

Whether you just need standard output lighting, or more powerful high output 5000K LED troffers, we've got you covered. Large scale offices and buildings require many lights, and the efficiency of an LED troffer cannot be beat. Even though fluorescents are extremely efficient, the bulbs are very fragile, and even a few watts of difference per bulb can add up to a substantial difference when lighting a building. That's why we've stocked so many options for LED troffers here at We also have a dedicated team that's ready to answer any questions on lighting and installation, so you can be sure you're purchasing exactly what you need. Just contact our expert staff.