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Amber-Orange LED Christmas Light Bulbs

LED Replacement Christmas Light Bulbs - Orange

C9s and C7s were both developed by General Electric (GE) in the late 1920s and early 1930s, respectfully. These orange LED Christmas lights combine the warmth of incandescent bulbs with the energy savings only LED lighting can provide. Rated for indoor and outdoor installation, our selection of replacement Christmas lights can be used practically anywhere. Plus, our string lights are very reliable and will keep working even if one of the bulbs goes out as long as it remains in the socket. These replacement bulbs have a faceted finish meaning the cap has a prismatic or crystal-like pattern cut into it. This finish softens the light while still giving your lighting display the rich color the LEDs provide.

C7 vs. C9 Christmas Lights

Decorative bulbs with the prefix "C" have a conical or candle-like shape with the number following representing the width of the bulb in eighths of an inch. Therefore, the biggest difference between C7s and C9s is the size. C9 Christmas lights are 9 eighths of an inch or 1.125 inches in width, while the C7 Christmas lights are 7 eighths of an inch or .875 inches in width. The other main difference between the two is their base sizes. C9s have an intermediate E17 base, and C7s have a candelabra E12 base.

Incandescent vs. LED Christmas Lights

Originally only available as incandescent bulbs, these traditional Christmas lights are now available in LED options. LEDs last longer and use less energy than incandescent lights. This longer life means your Christmas lights will keep shining bright long after you'd ordinarily have replaced an incandescent string and thus lowering replacement costs. The reduced power consumption helps you to save money on the high energy costs that tend to occur during the holiday season. It also means more string lights can be connected on a single circuit before maxing out the run. For example, a 25-foot incandescent light string has a maximum run of two strings. Switching out those incandescent Christmas lights with LED Christmas lights allow you to connect up to fourteen strings together, extending the run from 50 feet to 350 feet. Be sure when upgrading to LED that all the bulbs in a run are switched at once. Replacing the incandescents as they fail will result in the LEDs overdrawing power and cause premature failure. Unlike the glass design of incandescents, LED Christmas light bulbs are made from a shatter resistant plastic, making them less prone to breakage during installation or while in storage.

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