Compact Fluorescent Reflectors

Compact Fluorescent Reflectors

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Compact Fluorescent Reflectors has all your hydroponic grow light needs covered with this tried and true selection of compact fluorescent reflectors. Compact fluorescent grow light reflectors include integrated ballasts and offer more energy-efficient options than standard HID grow light reflectors. We offer options from trusted brands such as HydroFarm and Sunlight Supply along with a healthy array of sockets, lenses, and other accessories.


Currently, our collection of HydroFarm compact fluorescent reflectors are sold without bulbs or lens covers. Systems operate using 125 to 200 watts.

Sunlight Supply

Our Sunlight Supply compact fluorescent reflectors operate bulbs between 125 and 300 watts and measure 20 in. in length. Bulbs and/or lenses may or may not be included.

Accessories and Sockets

Our selection of Accessories and Sockets include hanging systems and cord sets.