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Cool White LED Christmas Light Bulbs

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LED Replacement Christmas Light Bulbs - Cool White

Unlike our warm white and warm white deluxe Christmas lights that mimic the traditional glow of incandescents, these cool white LED Christmas lights emit a brighter crisp white light. Bright white Christmas lights are good when you want your holiday lighting displays to appear cooler or bluer than what's typically used. When using these lights in an all-white light display, be sure to use the same color white across all lights, including net lights or icicle lights. These replacements feature a faceted finish cap that is cut in a prismatic or crystal-like pattern. This softens the light so it isn't as sharp but still maintains the rich color LEDs can provide. Rated for indoor and outdoor installations, use our Christmas light strings and replacement bulbs anywhere.

Difference Between C7s and C9s

The difference between C9 lights and C7 lights is the size of the bulb and the base. When replacing bulbs or purchasing new string lights, be sure the bulb's base matches the string's socket. The "C" represents the bulb's candle or conical shape and the number following represents the bulb's diameter in eighths of an inch. Therefore, C7 bulbs are slightly smaller at 7/8, .875 inches, wide compared to C9 bulbs at 9/8, 1.125 inches, wide. C9s have an intermediate E17 base, and C7s have a candelabra E12 base.

What If One Bulb Fails?

Our Christmas lights are very reliable. If one lamp goes out, the rest of the string light should stay lit as long as the failed lamp is not removed. The bulb should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid the remaining bulbs drawing too much power and increasing the failure rate.

Why Choose LED Christmas Lights?

The biggest reason to switch to LED over incandescent is the longer life and decreased power consumption. This not only helps you save money on energy costs during the holiday season, but reduces replacements costs as well. The lower energy draw also means more bulbs can be used on the same circuit. For example, a 25 foot light string using incandescent bulbs has a maximum run of 2 strings, meaning only 50 feet of Christmas lights. However, switching every bulb to LED allows you to connect up to 14 strings together. That's 350 feet of lights!

With such a large selection available at, you are sure to find just the thing to make your Christmas decorations really glow.