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4 ft. Double-Ended Direct Wire T8 LED Tubes

Reduce the time and money spent on lamp replacements by replacing your T8 fluorescent tubes with these longer lasting 4 ft. double-ended direct wire LED T8 tubes from

Instead of going through the hassle of figuring out if you have a compatible ballast, these energy efficient T8 tubes operate directly off of the fixture's line voltage. The ballast is removed and the fixture wired to receive power on both ends using the existing sockets, eliminating ballast compatibility issues and maintenance costs. Double-ended LED T8 direct wire tubes that are DLC and DLC Premium certified may qualify for state or local utility rebates.

These T8 tubes are ideal for use high bays, troffers, and strip lights. Be sure to consider the color temperature (color of the light emitted) before choosing your double-ended T8 tubes. 3000 to 3500 Kelvin tubes produce a warmer light commonly used in reception areas, lobbies, and hallways. T8 tubes delivering a cooler 4000 to 5000K light can help improve visibility and reduce eye strain in offices, retail stores, workshops, and garages. For added safety, some tubes have a shatter-resistant coating that meets NSF requirements.

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