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Green LED Christmas C7 and C9 Light Bulbs

LED C7 and C9 Green Christmas Lights

Incandescent Christmas lights leaving your holiday display in the dark? These LED replacement bulbs fit into existing light strings, letting you replace all of the bulbs with longer lasting LEDs. You just need to know which size bulbs you're replacing: the C7 bulbs have a candelabra E12 base and fit into the sockets on a C7 string. The C9 bulbs have an intermediate E17 base and fit into the sockets on a C9 string. If you're not sure which size string you have, you can either measure the sockets or the base of the bulbs you want to replace. A C7 bulb has a 12mm diameter base and fits in a 12mm diameter socket. The C9 Christmas lights have a slightly larger 17mm diameter base and fit in a 17mm socket. If you buy bulbs and they don't fit, it's likely you need the other sized bulb for that string instead.

While C7 Christmas lights are probably too large for a standard tree, they are the perfect size for outside displays including houses, trailers, and mobile homes. If the tree is large enough, including some outdoor displays or 16 ft. trees, you could use C7 bulbs. These are even the right size to fit in many nightlights. C9 light strings are more commonly used for commercial installations, such as public buildings, college campuses, and parks.

Shatter Resistant for Easy Installation

Our green LED Christmas lights are made from a shatter resistant material so they are better able to survive being put into storage even if they are knocked around a little bit. When installing, we recommend screwing in all of the light bulbs first and then hanging the string. We have a variety of mounting clips for shingles, brick, and even magnetic clips for metal gutters. Because the bulbs aren't glass, if you use the magnetic clips, you can pull the lights down quickly and easily at the end of the season. However, the bulbs can still break, so we don't recommend pulling down an entire line directly over a concrete driveway.

How "Green" are the Green Christmas Lights?

You can get a more saturated and accurate color from LED green Christmas lights than from incandescent because the light itself is green rather than white filtered through a green glass. On our LED replacement bulbs, we strive to give you a vibrant green that brings out the greenery in your holiday displays and doubles as decorations for St. Patrick's Day. Check the customer reviews to say what other product owners think of the color.

Keep in mind that color is subjective and can vary between manufacturers or across batches (also known as bins). The best way to ensure consistency year after year or across a large display is to buy all of the Christmas light bulbs at the same time. This avoids any changes to the bin a year later.

Need help getting your holiday decorations underway? Give our lighting experts a call at 1-800-624-4488. May your whole year be merry and bright.