All-In-One Light Kits

All-In-One Light Kits

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Complete Light Systems

The all-in-one light systems at include ballasts, reflectors, and in some cases grow lights, everything you need to start shining some light on your plants. These plug-and-play units are easy to set up and run, giving you more time to tend to your garden. We currently carry highly-rated options from HydroFarm and Sunlight Supply, as well as additional accessories and lenses. When you're looking for hydroponics equipment, think of We have the parts you need at prices you can afford.

HPS and MH Light Systems

Sun System, with efficient high output fixtures and built in ballasts, is a favorite choice for hobbyists. Intended for either metal halide or hps grow lights, we offer HPS/MH Light Systems in varying sizes, wattages, and voltages.

CMH Grow Light Systems

Try the latest in growing technology! CMH systems are the most energy efficient HID grow fixtures you can get! Ceramic metal halide grow fixtures use super-efficient, low-temp CMH ceramic metal halide (CMH) and light emitting ceramic (LEC) grow lights. Because these systems operate at a lower run temperature, you can hang them closer to the plants. Sun System and Phantom deliver the high PPFD light concentration you want at the lowest cost available.

Double Ended Light Systems

For when you need serious output, double ended systems from HydroFarm and Sunlight Supply deliver the most intensity per square foot. Replace clunky, multi-fixture set-ups with single double ended units. Ballasts and bulbs included.

All In One System Accessories

Our selection of All In One System Accessories includes hanging systems and control cables. Hang your grow light equipment and manage your light cycle with ease!