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IC-Rated Downlight

What Does IC-Rated Mean?

IC-rated recessed lighting can be installed in insulated ceilings without needing to leave a gap between the insulation and the fixture. Non-IC rated downlights require a 3 inch gap between the metal housing and the insulation because it doesn't have the same heat distribution properties as IC-rated fixtures. While IC-rated fixtures are primarily used for new construction, Non-IC rated fixtures are popular for remodels.

These LED downlights come in a variety of sizes, marked by the diameter of the can housing. The most common sizes are 4-inch and 6-inch. If buying for a remodel, make sure to measure the diameter of the hole or fixture being replaced before purchasing to ensure you're getting the size you need. With a CRI of 90 or above, High CRI LED downlights offer superior color rendering. The color rendering index (CRI) measures how well a light bulb replicates the light of the sun. The higher the CRI, the bolder and more vibrant colors will look.