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Incandescent/Magnetic Low Voltage Multi-location Dimmer Switches

Multiple Location Dimmers for Incandescent/Magnetic Low Volt Lights

For use in spaces that need full dimming control in multiple locations on a single circuit, these dimmer switches are designed for incandescent and magnetic low voltage lights. Magnetic low voltage dimmers are used for 12 or 24 Volt light bulbs using a magnetic step down transformer. This type of lighting is more commonly found in commercial settings versus residential ones. A single circuit should only use one multi-location dimmer with accessory dimmers used in each addition location to ensure proper dimming. Some of these dimmers do not come with the matching wall plate. We recommend sticking to the same manufacturer when purchasing a new or replacement wall plate to ensure color consistency. Contact our support team of lighting experts if you need any assistance finding the right dimmer switch and dimmer accessories for your application.