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6-Inch IC-Rated LED Downlights

Looking for LED downlights that are IC-rated? Take a look at these energy efficient 6-inch IC-rated LED downlights from!

Suitable for direct contact with insulation, these IC-rated LED downlights can be used for new construction and remodeling projects in malls, airports, schools, and other similar locations. Some LED downlights have adjustable Lumen and wattage outputs. Simply select the output you want with the toggle switch on the back of the housing before installation. Keep in mind that once the downlight is installed, you will have to uninstall it in order to change the outputs. These lights are perfect for rental spaces where the needs to tenants may vary. For applications where colors need to be brighter and more vivid, install downlights with a high color rendering index (CRI) of 90 or more. Energy Star certified fixtures meet strict energy standards and may qualify for rebates and additional savings.

6-inch IC-rated LED downlights come in a variety of color temperatures. Measured in Kelvin, the color temperature describes the color of the light delivered by the fixture. Emitting a light similar to incandescents, use a 2700 Kelvin light to give spaces a cozy feel. For a more welcoming feel in places like reception areas and lobbies, look for IC-rated downlights producing a 3000 Kelvin light. Commonly used in offices and hospitals, 4000 Kelvin light helps to reduce eye strain. For work spaces where increased visibility and concentration is key, pick fixtures with a 5000 Kelvin light.

Additional Tips for Selecting the Right IC-Rated Downlight

Checking the safety ratings will ensure you are picking a 6-inch downlight that can withstand the conditions of the installation location. For humid or moisture rich locations like public restrooms, choose a damp location rated fixture. If the downlight will come into contact water, look for fixtures that are wet location rated. If you are planning on using a 6-inch IC rated LED downlight as part of a remodeling project, make sure to measure the existing opening on the ceiling so you know you have the correct size.

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