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400 Watt Equal LED High Bay

Replace metal halide fixtures with these 400-Watt equal LED linear high bay fixtures from to reduce energy and maintenance costs.

Using either integrated LEDs or replaceable tubes, these fixtures use less energy and last far longer than the metal halides they replace. Some 400-Watt equal LED high bays have built in occupancy and vacancy sensors that turn the lights on when motion is detected in the area, then off again when motion is no longer detected after a set time period. For adjustable light output, look for LED high bays that are dimmable. Looking for additional savings? Fixtures that are DLC or DLC Premium certified may qualify for state or local rebates.

LED high bays with integrated LEDs have no tubes to replace. While this eliminates time and money spent replacing lamps, the entire fixture must be replaced once the LEDs reach the end of their life. These fixtures have predetermined Kelvin and Lumen outputs. Fixtures that use replaceable tubes are designed for single-ended direct wire LED T8 tubes. This allows you to choose the light output you want for your space. As the lamps reach the end of their life, you simply replace them. There is no need to replace the entire fixture.

400-Watt equal LED linear high bays are suitable for use in areas with high ceilings, such as warehouses, supermarkets, gyms, auditoriums, and retail stores. Fixtures that are rated for indoor locations should not be used around moisture or water. Damp location rated fixtures can be used in moisture rich areas but should not come into direct contact with water.

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